Let's Make Gender Equality Go Viral
Empower Women Worldwide Through Accessible Knowledge and Collective Action

Join the Audiopedia Movement and be part of a global community that empowers marginalized women through the innovative use of audio technology. Our groundbreaking, UN-endorsed digital tool, Audiopedia, provides accessible knowledge to women in remote and underserved communities by overcoming barriers like illiteracy and oral languages. This inclusive approach delivers life-changing knowledge, helping women break through challenges, claim their rightful place in society, and create better futures for themselves and their families.

Get involved in the fight for gender equality by participating in various online activities, connecting with passionate change-makers, and sharing educational audio content. With your help, we can amplify the impact of Audiopedia and create a ripple effect of change across the world. Sign up today and take action alongside activists, grassroots organizations, supporters, and sponsors who are all committed to making gender equality go viral. Let's work together to create a more equitable world for everyone!

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Create a Fundraiser for the Audiopedia Movement

The mission of the Audiopedia Movement  is to empower marginalized women through accessible knowledge. To achieve this, we rely on the support of generous donors and partners who share our vision of a world where everyone has equal access to education and information.

Get Your Certificate for the Promotion of Gender Equality

Virtual volunteering with Audiopedia is not only easy, it can help you make friends, learn new skills, advance your career and even feel happier. All while you make a lasting contribution to women in need.