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Welcome to Audiopedia Academy, your go-to resource for capacity building and maximizing the impact of Audiopedia in your work. Discover a wealth of articles, tips, and insights designed to empower your organization and enhance your team's skills as you work towards transforming the lives of marginalized women. Join the ranks of our Field Partners and start harnessing the full potential of Audiopedia Academy today!

  • Audiopedia.IO - Search, listen and share audible knowledge.

    Health and nutrition education programmes tend to engage women, because of their perceived traditional roles as primary care givers. Yet, 500 million women worldwide are illiterate. There is a strong need for a robust and scalable approach which does not rely on the written word to provide knowledge to marginalized populations. Audiopedia is tackling this challenge.

  • The Audiopedia Mobile Web Application

    Growth in smartphone adoption in many developing countries will be much more aggressive than anything seen in the developed world over the last few years. During the next 2 years 1.6 billion smartphone connections will be added to the current base in the developing world. India will lead the growth with around 350 million net smartphone additions.

  • The Solar-Powered Audiopedia Player

    We have been successfully using our solar-powered audio players since 2016 in areas where other technology fails.

  • Qwifi - Hyperlocal Information Access without Internet

    Technology is revolutionizing the world by providing tools for entrepreneurship, access to education, as well as life-enhancing information. Yet women in developing countries increasingly have limited access to technology, resulting in a digital gender divide. Women face a variety of barriers to mobile access, with data costs and illiteracy topping the list. Even if a woman has a device, she may not be able to use it to its full potential.