Audiopedia joins the Global Health Hub

Global Health Hub

The Global Health Hub Germany is a network that aims to bring together all actors interested in Global Health. The Hub wants to promote exchange, initiate new partnerships, support cooperation and innovative approaches - across sectors and stakeholder groups. The Hub was inaugurated by Minister of Health Jens Spahn in February 2019 with a kick-off event at the Federal Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health is providing funding for the set-up of the Hub and the establishment of its office.

The Global Health Hub includes organizations from all areas and sectors involved in Global Health - stakeholders from science, the private sector, civil society and politics, as well as from the health, environment, climate, food, agriculture, education and research sectors. Members can collaborate in cross-sectoral and cross-actor working groups on issues of their choice. Approximately 20 working groups have already been established on topics such as "Universal health coverage through digital technology", "Climate and Health" or "Global Mental Health". 

We have joined the Global Health Hub through URIDU, the non-profit NGO behind Audiopedia. The member organizations can be found here.