Crowdfunding Audiopedia

Crowdfunding Audiopedia

When we developed Audiopedia, we were intrigued by an idea: we wanted to give people a unique opportunity to actively participate in solving a global problem. We would call this "crowdimpact". And in fact, our great progress so far was only possible through the work of thousands of volunteers, partners and NGOs. 

Our common goal is to free knowledge from literacy to empower rural women and fight gender injustice. This is a non-profit project by the people, for the people. And we want it to be as sustainable and independent as possible in the long term.

This is why we are opting for crowdfunding Audiopedia. A small contribution by many can have a large impact. Together we can prove that solidarity and compassion can work at scale.

Become an Audiopedia Ally

We decided to call our supporters "allies". After all, all of us are allies in the fight against one of the world's greatest injustices. But together we can make a difference.

By becoming an Audiopedia Ally you will support marginalized women in a sustainable way. With a monthly donation of just US$ 5 you will crowdfund a project that is changing the life of millions. Your donation defends the right to free and open knowledge all women, everywhere.

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