Dhairya Cancer Foundation

The objectiv of Dhairya Cancer Foundation is to help cancer patients to cope with mental health problems (such as anxiety and depression) through peer support, basic hygiene and cancer awareness.

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About Dhairya Cancer Foundation

Cancer is still considered as communicable diseases and cancer patients are ignored in our society. According to a study, cancer patients are rising and doubled within 2003 to 2011. Nepal’s hospital-based data also predicts the number of cancer patients will increase in the future. The data also shows that there are 45% male and 55% of female cancer patients.

According to the World Health Organization, cancer is being the second leading cause of death worldwide and approximately 70 percent of deaths occur in low and middle-income countries. Around one-third of cancer, patient deaths occur due to five leading behavioral and dietary risks such as no physical activities, high body mass index, lack of fruit and vegetable intake, tobacco and alcohol use. Tobacco use is the most important risk factor for cancer and is responsible for approximately 22 percent of cancer deaths. Cancer also causing infections such as hepatitis and human papillomavirus (HPV) that are responsible for up to 25 percent of cancer cases in underdeveloped and developing countries.

Due to poverty, lack of education and hygienic necessities, cancer patients are prematurely dying and being a major cause of death in Nepal. Therefore, Dhairya Cancer Foundation is here to help cancer patients and their families. 

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