Edrone Foster Foundation

Edrone Foster Foundation

1 Acts for Equality
EFF focuses on improving community policing programs and implement activities with vulnerable populations and at-risk youth to generate economic opportunity, decrease crime and violence, and introduce disaster risk reduction techniques

We reach the most economically and socially marginalized children that do not access mainstream services and support, including street children, child laborers, AIDS orphans, children engaged in commercial sex, hard to reach rural populations and other vulnerable or marginalised groups.

Many children are deprived of their basic needs due to high levels of poverty. Nearly half of the population lives below the poverty line, out of which 19% are children. Uganda’s rural areas in particular struggle with a very high poverty rate After their parents die or become disabled by illness, orphans and vulnerable children as young as five years old become both mother and father to their younger siblings. Those whose parents suffer from HIV/AIDS face an additional burden of care as complications develop and worsen over time. Children are forced to drop out of school as they try and provide basic necessities for their siblings.

EFF is dedicated to fostering lasting improvement in the human condition and promote the well-being of humanity by addressing the root causes of serious problems.

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