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Centre for Youth and Development is a local developmental Non-Governmental Organization with an innovative people-led approach to delivering Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Centre for Youth and Development (CYD) was founded in 2010 with the aim addressing the challenges that children, youth and women face in Malawi. Today, CYD has become one of Malawi’s major non-governmental development organizations.

CYD’s identity is based on humanitarian values emanating from a deep respect for human dignity and a conviction of the value of equitable partnership, CYD works to empower the poor to take charge of their own lives and communities. CYD intervenes through the sectors of education, health, environment, livelihoods, governance and ICT for development.

Whereas education helps people develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge needed to make informed decisions for the development of themselves and their communities, livelihoods creates access to sustainable income sources and provides a means by which the poor can act upon these decisions, environment and health promotes life and ICT is leveraged for development.

It is our firm conviction that, when combined, education, livelihoods, health, governance, livelihoods and ICT for Development can enable our target group to hold duty bearers accountable for the realization of their rights to a greater extent than is possible through isolated interventions alone.

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