The Audiopedia Movement: Let's Make Women's Empowerment Count

The Audiopedia Movement: Let's Make Women's Empowerment Count

Women's empowerment is crucial for sustainable development (read more about that here). We need their contribution as decision makers, caretakers, stakeholders, experts and educators across all sectors. This is the reason why we are turning Audiopedia into a global movement for women’s empowerment and gender equality.

When we developed Audiopedia, we were intrigued by an idea: we wanted to give people a unique opportunity to actively participate in solving a global problem. We would call this "crowdimpact". And in fact, our fantastic progress so far was only possible through the work of thousands of volunteers, partners and NGOs. Or Audiopedia Allies, as we call them.

Change Her Life, One Action at a Time

But how can we "measure" this crowdimpact? How can we value your contribution? Our answer: with Audiopedia Actions. Audiopedia Actions help us spread the word and support our cause on the internet (and beyond).

With every single Action you will help to raise awareness for vulnerable women and facilitate their empowerment. You can invite friends to become Audiopedia Allies, follow us on Twitter, make a suggestion or simply like our Facebook posts - each activity counts as an Audiopedia Action. All Actions will show up in your Audiopedia Dashboard. Like the one you can see on top of this post). The Audiopedia Allies Leaderboard shows a list of Allies who have performed the most Actions so far.

But there's more! Our Audiopedia Advocacy Toolkit allows you to easily share Audiopedia in public space. Allies can use their public profiles on Audiopedia to start peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. And for those who want to contribute even more, we launched our Audiopedia Ambassadors program.

Now it's your turn! Help us make women's empowerment count! Join Audiopedia and change her life, one action at a time.

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