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NLR India

3 Acts for Equality
In our fight against leprosy, we have initiated four priority programmes to direct our work. These are in line with the global leprosy strategy of the World health Organization and the Triple Zero campaign.

India accounts for almost 57% of the world’s leprosy cases as per World Health Organization (Global leprosy update, 2018). Considering the situation, NLR India Foundation stands tall (since 1999) with the cooperation from donors, state and central governments, private companies, NGOs including Disability People Organizations to address, and support leprosy affected persons and their families.

To achieve the objectives, the NLR India Foundation implements its projects and programs to support the government in achieving the three ‘ZEROES’ – Zero Transmission, Zero Disabilities, and Zero Exclusion. Its projects are aimed towards the prevention and management of disability, Disability Inclusive Development (DID) and Reduction of stigma and discrimination.

Following this path, our teams in Bihar, Delhi, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal work closely with persons affected by leprosy and their families living in leprosy colonies towards our one aim – Zero Leprosy Suffering.

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