Samkin Foundation

Our organization is empowering local women in rural areas of Kiambu, Kenya through education on Nurition.

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About Samkin Foundation

SAMKIN FOUNDATION is a community based organization that works directly with the community to ensure a better life for all the community members in Dagoretti Sub-County. It was founded in 26th July 2018 by SAMSON KINYANJUI MWANGI. The idea of starting the foundation was arrived at after realizing that many people in the community were getting into poverty with no means of sustaining their daily lives and that if the members of the community could be brought together and supported then it would be possible for them to make a living out of their own skills. SAMKIN FOUNDATION is located right behind car wash stage on Kikuyu road before Muthama.

Since it was started the foundation has managed to bring together various groups that have passion to work and elevate themselves from the poverty level. SAMKIN FOUNDATION supports its' group members financially through the crowd funding (partners of the group collectively supporting their project with the little money they get.) Your support and donation is highly welcomed so that we may help the most vulnerable in the community.

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