Somaliland Help-Age Organization  (SOMHO)

Somaliland Help-Age Organization (SOMHO)

2 Acts for Equality
We believe that security of income and health, physical safety, and freedom from discrimination in old age are attainable goals, even in the poorest countries.

SOMHO was founded in 1st February 2014; in addition to we successfully implement voluntary free health care programs but this is our first project in terms of feeding: SOMHO was initially set up with the principle of being learning organization and to address the needs of poor communities and marginalized groups in Somaliland. Thus it has gained organizational experiences, notably skills at different organizational levels (Individual and organizational culture); knowledge based expertise on the national context. Particularly in designing development programs; vested knowledge on helping poor elder people in the community in Somaliland. SOMHO is introducing and engaging in partnership based programs with different donors and stakeholders, it has incorporated that following in different goals at different times.