Thank your for being our Ally!

You made our day by joining us as our latest Audiopedia Ally today! By doing so, you are teaming up with our Audiopedia volunteer translators and NGO partners to help us bring vital knowledge where it is needed most. 

Without having access to even the simplest basic education, facing their enormous day-to-day challenges is a losing game for women in rural areas in most developing countries. But for the first time ever we are now able to provide life-changing and life-saving information to literally every rural woman in the world. No matter where she lives, what language she speaks or whether she can read or not. We can give her hope by empowering her through knowledge. We can right a wrong - with the help of a lot of caring people, such as yourself.

Being an Audiopedia Ally, you are making a difference in their lives. Right here, right now.

Thank you. We simply couldn’t do it without you.

Sincerely, Your Allies at Audiopedia