The Audiopedia Advocacy Toolkit

The Audiopedia Advocacy Toolkit

Our future is at stake. Because men hold power while women are largely excluded from it. Especially in the Global South, hundreds of millions of women and girls are denied their right to education, effectively preventing their empowerment. 

Two out of every three illiterate people in the world today are females. Being non-readers, they do not have access to even the simplest basic vital knowledge. Audiopedia was created to right this wrong - quickly, disruptively and radically.

Audiopedia is a free resource of localized, curated expert audio contents about health, nutrition, child care, gender-based violence, family planning, agriculture and much more. It is made available under a creative common license and freely accessible literally everywhere on the planet, thanks to easily usable hard- and software (e. g. solar-powered MP3 players, hyperlocal WiFi, mobile web applications and mobile phones).

Audiopedia’s mission is to bring free, vital audio knowledge to women and girls in developing countries with the purpose of quickly closing the gender knowledge gap in the face of lagging literacy initiatives. Our goal is to turn accessible audio learning into a global driving force for women’s empowerment and gender equality.

And here is where you come in ...

Audiopedia offers you the unique opportunity to actively participate in solving a global problem. We call this Crowdimpact. Our great progress so far was only possible through the work of thousands of our Audiopedia Allies. They take action in so many different ways: as translators, developers, social media activists, fundraisers, or field volunteers. Together we can make vital knowledge accessible where it is needed most.

Are you in? Great - let’s get you started:

  • Join our Audiopedia Movement and become part of our global community with a shared vision of a more equal and fairer world:
  • Print our poster and put it up in any good spot(s) you can find: on your campus, at your workplace, in your favorite coffee shop, pub or restaurant, in your library, at a bulletin board (but always get permission first, please). Take a picture of your poster hanging, write a comment and share it on your social media channels. And don’t forget to tag us, so that we can share it on our channels, too.
  • Share this Toolkit with all your friends and invite them to join Audiopedia.

„Think you are too small to make a difference? Try sleeping with a mosquito in the room.“ (Dalai Lama)

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