Top 25 Audiopedia.IO queries from the Philippines


Our mobile-friendly website Audiopedia.IO is still young, but it is already showing some nice results. We made a little case study by evaluating 6000 visits from the Philippines to the Filipino/Tagalog version of our Audiopedia during June 2017. 

Below is the list - you can click on each item in case you want to view the corresponding English contents. The numbers show the percentage of each question in relation to the total number of requests from the Philippines. Family planning and gynecological issues are obviously a major topic followed by nutrition and child care.

This short evaluation shows the relevancy of providing this information through mobile internet. We will continuously add more translated versions to the mobile site.

Top 25 Audiopedia requests from the Philippines

How can I prevent infertility? (21,35 %)
What should I do if I miss a pill? (16,38 %)
How can I stay free of drugs and alcohol? (7,39 %)
What should I eat while breastfeeding? (5,42 %)
What should I do in case of heavy monthly bleeding, or bleeding that lasts a long time? (4,63 %)
What is beriberi? (3,11 %)
How can I prevent sick stomach (nausea)? (2,70 %)
What should I do in case of light monthly bleeding? (2,05 %)
What kinds of violence against women do exist? (1,80 %)
What should I know about condoms for men? (1,58 %)
How can I know if a person has tuberculosis? (1,54 %)
What can cause infertility in a woman? (1,46 %)
How does my body change during puberty? (1,43 %)
What types of family planning do exist? (1,31 %)
How should I feed young children (older than 6 months)? (1,26 %)
What is a good nutrition? (1,21 %)
What are common STIs? (0,99 %)
Which methods of abortion are safe? (0,94 %)
How can I know when my baby is due? (0,89 %)
What is family planning? (0,81 %)
What can cause infertility in a man? (0,79 %)
How to prevent health and growth problems of my children from malnutrion? (0,65 %)
What should I know about my monthly cycle (menstrual cycle)? (0,57 %)
What is cancer? (0,57 %)
What are common side effects of combined pills? (0,44 %)


Marcel Heyne


Executive Director Audiopedia Foundation