What will happen with my translations?

At some point, your translation will be proofread by a proofreader. The proofreader will approve (and correct, if necessary) your translation. Now it is ready to be published as text on Audiopedia. We will publish the translation as soon as the corresponding chapter has been translated completely.

You think you could be a proofreader? Just send us a message and tell us why you would like to be one!

At some point we will start recording the translations to make them accessible using our mobile web application Audiopedia.app and to include them in our Audiopedia Cloud.

We will be adding new contents from time to time. You can think of Audiopedia as of Wikipedia to a certain extent. The content base will be growing and cover even more relevant aspects of the lives of rural women. Don't worry: you will be informed as soon as we add new texts.

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